Arizona Fire Restrictions

It is our responsibility to be informed about the fire restrictions in our state.

Here is a link to find out the current fire restrictions in Arizona.

Arizona Fire Restrictions

Prescott Downtown Courthouse Trees Removed

We were there!

Yavapai County has identified 19 diseased trees on the Prescott Courthhouse Plaza.  Two of the trees have been removed, and three trimmed severely to decrease the chance of toppling over; they will be taken out in the next month or so. Sadly, all of the trees have heart rot.

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Wildfire Protection Plan Guide for Homeowners

The City of Prescott has valuable information to assist homeowners during wildfire season.  

Your first defense against wildfire is to create and maintain a defensible space around your home. However this does not mean your landscape has to be barren. A defensible space is an area, either man-made or natural, where the vegetation is modified to slow the rate and intensity of an advancing wildfire. It also creates an area for fire suppression operations to occur and helps protect the forest from being involved should a structure fire occur.

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Firewise Defensible Space Guide City of Prescott
Tree Removal at Prescott Courthouse
Arizona Fire Restrictions

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