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We have become the leading defensible space and tree removal contractor in AZ. Protecting your home and property with innovative ways and being able to do so without destroying your landscape is our top priority, as well as, educating you on living with wildfire in the wildland urban-interface areas.

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Owned and operated by firefighters with over 25 years of combined experience in wildland fire and fuels reduction, we know what it takes to protect your home. Serving with AZ State Fire, US Forest Service Fire and BLM as engine crew and Hotshot crew members, we have the knowledge to be able to assess your home, recommend the proper treatments and make your property defensible and greatly increase your homes survivability in the event of a wildfire.

We treat your home with the "fire" mentality...not a "landscaper" mentality, and still leave your home looking beautiful.  We don't destroy your landscape!!!  We cut and thin what needs to be done to make your home stand a better chance in the event of a wildfire.  We know how fire can destroy a home yet leave the  neighbors home untouched. So it's important to know your property and your neighbors.  It's also up to you to do something about it.  

Imagine being evacuated from your home and knowing that you haven't done anything to prepare your home from wildfire...or help the firefighters to defend it.  Or maybe that has already happened to you?  We certainly don't want this to happen to anyone! Our goal is to spread the word about being Firewise and defensible space. Let us help you become more educated on living with wildfire.

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